03 October 2009

UPdated Facts to Know (2)

A new survey has been conducted by UKM and now they have published the result! The new finding is that Malaysians below 40 are at risk of having HEART DISEASE....That is the first thing I'm gonna share, the 2nd is a fact that our SPM grading system has CHANGED! There is a new grade call A+!

Malaysians below 40 are at risk of having HEART DISEASE
More young Malaysians below 40 are at risk of getting heart attacks due to poor diet and an unhealthy lifestyle, according to Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Medical Centre cardiology unit head Assoc Prof Dr Oteh Maskon.

He attributed this to the craving for teh tarik, roti canai, nasi lemak, smoking, and lack of exercise.

“They are at risk of obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes which could lead to heart ailments”, he told reporters after attending a public forum on heart disease at the centre here today.

So it is all come down to our fault for having such risk....Our parents always warn us not to have too much of everything! Maybe we all should always remind ourself about it.. Whatever we're having, it's all related to chemical so we can't avoid having food that is harmful to our body right?? Thus remember not to have too much of everything then it's gonna be okay....

Malaysians temp to have teh tarik, roti canai, and nasi lemak as their breakfast or lunch or maybe during their time out with friends....Thus making these food becoming their daily consumptions....Ask yourself about that!

New grading system in SPM, the A+ grade!
Finally the government wants to update our SPM grading system and it will be implemented this year...It's been a while since a lot of people getting a lot of A's and not many employers appreciate it anymore...A new change is required for the SPM to regain the credibility! A+ to G instead of 1A to 9G....

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