22 October 2009

Jobs That Pay £50,000‏

Since the start of 2008, companies have been embroiled in a so-called 'war on talent' as the jobs marketplace enters its most challenging and competitive period for several years. It's predicted many industry sectors will lose more jobs in 2009 and budgets will be slashed as a result of the testing economic conditions.

Despite this, many organisations are keen to hold onto their best staff, whilst workers will be tempted to switch employer, lured by the potential to earn a higher salary doing the same job elsewhere. As such, the last year has seen more people earning around £50,000 a year than ever before in jobs that would have paid less just a few years ago.

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the average salary in the UK is £31,969 (August 2008) with the likes of chartered accountants, college lecturers, and quantity surveyors typically earning this amount. But what about those people who earn significantly higher than that, say £50,000?

Using salary data from the Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings (ONS), we have searched the web to find the top ten jobs that are currently available and pay around £50,000 a year.

1.Head of communications
Bill Gates once said, "If I had just one dollar left, I'd spent it on PR". With many organisations cutting their advertising and marketing spend, public relations is fast-becoming the preferred alternative for companies to communicate their message and raise their brand appeal. As a result, demand for skilled writers and creative bodies are at an all-time high and this demand has pushed salaries upwards. If you want to know where the war on talent is most fiercely fought, then the PR industry is your answer.

Entry requirements: Degree is preferred but not essential. Excellent written and verbal communication skills are a pre-requisite as is the ability to respond positively in a crisis coupled with experience of managing a public relations department.
Pay: £49,000

2. Commercial Solicitor
The legal profession has been found to be one of the most stressful occupations in the world, accentuated by the compensation culture that has emerged in this country in recent years. Commercial solicitors act for businesses of all sizes on cases ranging from general company and commercial work to large complex corporate transactions. They advise on law and represent clients in disputes.

Entry requirements: Degree or via the legal executive route.
Pay: £51,579

3. Air Traffic Controller
With a number of airport expansion programmes taking place across world equating to three new Heathrow's being constructed over the next few years, demand for controllers is at a premium and salaries are at an all-time high. Their job is to manage the safe take-off and landing of several aircraft at the same time by monitoring and controlling an aircraft's height, speed and course.

Entry requirements: Despite being dominated by university graduates, a degree is not a pre-requisite. Minimum requirement is five GCSEs (grades A-C including English and Maths) in addition to two 'A'-Levels/GNVQ advanced level. Most people enter the profession via the National Air Traffic Services (NATS).
Pay: £51,911

4. Purchasing Manager
When times are hard and budgets are stretched it is the job of the purchasing manager to identify the most cost-effective means to procure goods and services for an organisation. This could mean changing suppliers or opting for an alternative product line with a degree of project management thrown into the mix.

Entry requirements: Typically this role will require a minimum of three years experience within a similar role or one involved in supply management and the negotiation of supply contracts.
Pay: £49,258

5. Personnel and Industrial Relation Manager
Managers plan and oversee all policies relating to employee activity; including recruitment, pay negotiations, grievance, transfers, and disciplinary, health and safety issues.

Entry requirements: None required. Managers enter the profession as a human resources assistant and can reach manager level within five years.
Pay: £48,258

6. Strategy and Planning Analyst
The role of an analyst is to focus on planning and reporting the results of database-driven marketing initiatives. In other words, to develop a system that enables departments to assess the effective of a direct mail or broadcast advertising campaign, for example, and then use this information to create an improved and more effective set of processes to maximise a company's return on investment.

Entry requirements: Degree in a statistical/analytical discipline such as engineering, social sciences or economics.
Pay: £48,787

7. Sales Manager
If you want to know how tough the market it, ask a sales manager. When economic conditions worsen, sales people are often the first to feel the pinch -- targets inevitably increase and so too does the pressure placed on the sales manager who not only needs to ensure that he hits his own target but also that his team of representatives hit theirs too. This could involve recruiting managers, organise product promotions, conduct regular business reviews or write reports and deliver presentations.

Entry requirements: Entrants start at trainee level upon graduation and can quickly move up the career ladder to senior management if consistently achieving targets on sales and profits
Pay: £48,258

8. Coroner
Coroners direct and conduct the post-mortem investigation to determine the cause and responsibility for an accidental, unexplained or violent death.

Entry requirements: Degree and must also be a qualified barrister solicitor or medical doctor.
Pay: £52,049

9. Management Consultant
Consultants are employed by organisations to perform an audit of its day-to-day operations, the results of which will then be used to analyse current practices and determine a plan of action to maximise the growth and improve the overall business performance of their clients. This could involve a number of departments, from human resources and accounting to marketing and supply chain management

Entry requirements: Degree in any discipline with fully fledged consultants working their way through the ranks.
Pay: £47,517

10. Police Inspector
Also known as 'detective', inspectors work within the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) on serious crimes. They act as middle managers who are responsible for supervising the ranks of constable and sergeant and acting as a link between the investigating team and senior officers.

Entry requirements: No formal requirements, entry is open to anyone with a clean criminal record.
Pay: £54,241

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