30 October 2009

Friend Forgets You on His Birthday!

There is one friend of mine who's birthday is TODAY (30 October 2009)~
I don't want to mention his name for now, maybe soon he will be revealing himself to us. So let him do the introduction!

Definitely sad about this because the fella who always call you "BROTHER" from the beginning (we've known each other since 2007) until yesterday, this so-called "BROTHER" forgets me.... I don't even know where have I done wrong... How can he punished me without telling my mistakes!!! =(

Of all the people wishing him, he said thanks to everyone of them EXCEPT me....

What do you guys think?? This shows he did it on purpose right???? T__T S-A-D!! ALL MY Brothers come support me on this issue please!!!! GIVE ME JUSTICE!!! Hehe~~~

HAPPY 22nd BIRTHDAY TO YOU (Ken) My Brother!

updated on 31 Oct 09~
This picture shows that he was unintentionally skip to write comment on my wall post.
I dare to say that Ken's skipping to comment had caught my attention and help me get an idea to write out the joke for his birthday! OK lah I hope he get the joke~ Due to his internet line lagging these few days thus he was unable to write a comment, but I put it out so big in picture to show I did not forgets his birthday =P

Well I guess it's my fault since the post made Ken felt angry.... If I made the effort to make it longer probably instead of adding the "Hehe~~~" behind I should have added much longer by telling the reasons behind it. I never had the intention to offend him on Ken's birthday. If the post is a "sorrowful statement" it won't be this short...but it's okay.

I even message him in MSN telling him "specially made for you" and "happy belated birthday" along with the post link maybe he did not received the messages...and this post was TAGGED with "JOKES" too....

Well the damage is done so there's nothing I can do now beside sincerely apologising to him....Sigh....

~~We're good now, brother sure forgive another brother =D~~

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Anonymous said...

Pitty u, Ken Wai. At least he replied me at sms.. Haha

ken said...

1st of all....u have ur own emotion, but i do!!!!don be so sensitive...this is because my internet line is break down on the day b4 30 oct...after i can log in facebook it oledi show me 100 applications... the line is still lagging and i am rushing to went out,miss out u this fella is my fault but not oni u alone...u even never ask me why i miss out u but then publish ur so called sorrowful statement...
pls dun be a fucking small gas fella on this issue....ur statement ady make me fire up....i even cant communicate well with u this fucking fella ady....

I AM FUCKING sicken of ur this attitude...

u wan DULAN me then as u like....

EliteVillain said...

@liyliy : hehe good for u...just wish him in the blog jek =)

@ Ken : It's a freaking joke but if u can't take it then fine. I'm sorry to make u feel offended. Whatever u said, if u think u're right then so be it.

If u had read properly in the post like the res of them, then u will know it's a joke~ u think i have the time to make this kind of offensive shit just to make ppl felt angry on bday?? i'm sorry I never done this in my whole 22 years of life!!

i purposely take out some of my time just to make this joke to wish u happy bday. if u dun like it then nvm~