08 November 2009

Get an "Upper Ground" in Interview!

Nowadays due to the global economy crisis struck, a lot of people lost their jobs during this crisis. So what they can do to get an upper ground during the interview is by getting an image consultant telling them what is their best look!

"Research has shown time and time again that first impressions are made within 10 seconds of meeting someone, we all make assumptions in the first 10 seconds of meeting somebody and they include that person's level of education, social standing, economic status, and how well they will do in the future." said Jean.

Seems like we all have to make the best out of our appearance, now it comes with the package (including your experience and education background)! Scarily demanding during this economy crisis!
Gabrielle Teare, a London-based personal stylist, told CNN that her clients include bankers who have been made redundant or are concerned about losing their job, while in Toronto, image consultant Lynda Jean told CNN she has clients who worry they're not given the same respect as their colleagues simply because of their appearance.

For those who are still unemployed (not because you did not try to search for jobs) you can try change your current appearance, go to stylist shop get your hair done, maybe you can get done with make up too! This is an investment on appearance instead of expenses....

By the way, men's clothes tend to be cheaper than women's, so women have to spend more to compete. So it's not surprising that women spend more than men.
For women, there are more details to worry about. "Hemlines shouldn't be too high, and necklines not too low," said Sanders. "Footwear should be appropriate, accessories not to flashy, and perfume not too overwhelming."


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