12 November 2009

Lately Been Hung Up Abruptly

Well recently I had been picking up phone calls from customers (multi-tasking) more than I’m doing audit task in my firm. Its okay because it makes me exposed to a job called “customer service centre” right? Now I know how it’s like to be answering calls from clients! Man they don’t give you a shit chance to explain!!

“Hello? Sorry ya, the senior is engaged at the moment, so would you like to leave message for him?” said me. Then client swiftly replied me “I’ve been calling him for the past 3 days now and I have an urgent meeting tomorrow Friday, I’ve left messages for him and he did not care to return the call. Nevermind! I’ll call your boss later!”*HANG UP ABRUPTLY* She hung up when I was saying “Wait wait wait…” Cruel to me when I’m innocent! Haha it’s fun because I find it funny that they lost their patient over the phone when they should wait few more minutes in order to get to the “busy senior”.

I was like woot??? I’ve done nothing wrong but to offer good help okay! Sigh. So later on I told the senior, he told me “It is like that when they are not going to listen to our reasoning”….I told myself “SUPERB!!”

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