14 November 2009

How to SLOW DOWN Alzheimer (Forgetful)

Alzheimer is still incurable! But you can delay the progress from getting worse. You need to know what are the suggested ways in order to slow down the progress, this could help your parents or relatives or friends who are reaching the age of 65. You don't want them to forget your names or faces right? So better read this up!

Initial stages of Alzheimer's Disease causes people to forget little things such as names or where they put their keys. The age of which people faces such risk is 65 so those of you especially students saying they are being forgetful, well think again! Don't lie to yourself and others because you are still too young to be forgetful!

Why are we having Alzheimer?
Alzheimer is probably caused by genetics and other external influences but the real reason remain unknown so after these years still no one can be sure about the way of curing the Alzheimer's Disease but today the researcher had came up a way to SLOW DOWN the disease from failing more brain cells, that means you can reduce the deterioration!!

Ways to delay the progress
The way is to become more active, whether taking regular walks, swimming, dancing, cycling, tacichi, ski-ing, or Yoga, it doesn't matter because physical activities strengthens not only the body but also helps the mind!

Try doing more crossword puzzles, listening to musics, have a small critical discussion with friends and best of all let's go to cinema and watch movies with family and friends. All these suggested activities can keep the mind fresh and decrease the rate of Alzheimer's disease spreading.

Other factors to delay the progress
Remember tension can cause people to forget so try to keep your stress level to the minimum so it would not trigger tension.... Practise healthy lifestyle!

One last thing, you always heard and experience some sad and happy memories which you particularly remembered them much more vividly than other memories (plain), sound familiar?? Well this is because memories are more intensive when they are connected with emotion.

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