06 December 2009

Asian Common Causes of Death

I'd just discovered an article today showing me the causes of death. Seems like they had done a survey upon these 5 races around the world including male and female! "GOOD blog" had provided this this result into a chart but I only wants to show you all ASIAN's causes of death! Reason being is because I am asian myself =P

This picture showing you the causes of death. One glance and you'll see most common is CANCER! It's not H1N1 =)

Since I am around the age of 15-24, the main cause of death is SUICIDE! wonder everyday we flip the newspaper we'll see news about teenagers trying or committed suicide....Sad but the survey shown high percentage of truth, don't you agree?

Don't ever let stress win over YOU! Try get a therapist or someone (preferably experts) that can help you deal with stress...We all face stress in our daily life so try overcome them (you can easily get a book guide).... WOOT? You don't need one? Go have your blood pressure checked! See it's increased!! If it is then you should LEARN TO MANAGE STRESS from now onwards....

Moreover, the ACCA June and ACCA December Exam can cause a lot of stress =P Thus "stress management" is crucial...Any recommendations on the method??

If you wish to read the rest of the 4 races please visit here:-
GOOD blog

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