13 March 2010

My First Week In Grant Thornton

You will never knew about the working environment until you work in there. No matter how others telling you, I am telling you now, what suit others may not suit you. So far for my first week in the firm, it's been great! Well for now....

As you know, I currently do not have a transport except the public transport, so you totally will have to PRAY HARD for getting a good senior. Well mine are great, as they send me back and forth from office to client but you will never know who's gonna responsible to send you back....

Someone told you this "You have to figure a way to come here (client's place) tomorrow because we're (seniors) aren't going to office." Well this is your time to show them how you can handle the situation just by paying more on public transport just to get there and get the job done!

And when you get there, your seniors may or could have tell you this "You came here by public transport? Actually you can go back office and car pool with us." Even worse when your seniors told you yesterday the senior in-charge won't be coming to client's place but at 1030am you see that person arrived. Great eh?? =P

Well that's not me lar....I where got so "lucky"...I'm just merely describing SOMEONE!! Anyway, I found out every week it's a new job and many auditors hate sighting (vouching and tracing) =D

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