17 April 2010

Ex-Auditor Becomes Financial Controller?

Recently I was at a Megan Avenue 2 auditing a client's account alongside with my senior. I can tell you that this client's hired an ex-auditor to be the financial controller who used to work in Deloitte for 3 years and just joined a year plus into commercial. What amazed me is the way she taught me how to do proper audit (not need lenghty detail workdone) compare to what my senior (unnecessary workdone) taught me.

The skill of book-keeping is really a neccessity when you're in the commercial, because the auditors will come around request for those crucial or supporting documents and if you don't want to waste time searching those documents which end up auditor just wish to SIGHT instead of photocopying....

This ex-auditor done the book-keeping for the client right from the scratch and it's amazing how the ex-auditor used her experiences. When comes for us to ask her questions, she is willing to explain the "story" for us to write upon our working papers, and all the supporting documents are well-kept whenever we search from her files! This eased our audit process and cut-down a lot of wasted time in searching for documents!

You (auditors) really need to know how to "CREATE" story otherwise you will be the one questioned by your superiors and it is not good for your credibility! Good english command is very crucial as you need to explain in a way that superiors will understand.

Conclusion, you need a book-keeping skill (a good one) and good english in order to be great in commercial field. Good luck making your route in your career!!

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zewt said...

so you're an auditor eh? :)

yeah, good english is very important. i dont think my technical knowledge is superbly fantastic. but i think my english carried me through a lot along the way.

EliteVillain said...

Yes i'm a auditor...professional mistake? Haha i like that post!!

R@Y.^_^ @nGEL said...

Yeah..I totally agreed with your post.good english command is a crucial.However it depend on where you done your audit.Thanks god that we are in malaysia ,Malaysia comprises alot of "unecessary" language that slow down you way to learn and polish up your english..All those chinese, cantonese and hokkien been use and even we explain to superior we still use it..

If we work at a place that force to use english ,i guess we can at least learn it and very well jolt the current english level to a better ones.

EliteVillain said...

You're right Chris, so we must brush up our english otherwise when we "jump" out of audit line we will end up in the middle of the sea....DROWN!!