01 July 2010

How to "CATCH" MTV World Stage Passes

Are you searching the METHODS to win those MONEY-CAN'T-BUY passes? Welcome to this page because your search is OVER!

The picture beside you means you can start searching for Junior or Bee in MTV website (top and bottom). Continue read so you know there are 2 different COUNTDOWN CLOCKs appearing in MTV....

Remember to check all pages in MTV website because these Junior or Bee will not just appearing at HOME, as it will appear at ABOUT, LINEUP, PHOTOS, VIDEO, FUNSTUFF, and WIN PASSES tabs too. So search all these tabs (above and bottom of the website)..... LOOK CAREFULLY!

And when the CLOCK is still ticking, it means you have to find the Junior or Bee within that period of time and NOT ASK YOU TO WAIT TIL "00:00:00:00"!!


When the COUNTDOWN CLOCK ends at "00:00:00:00" this means your search starts now! You are required to REFRESH the page then only start finding Junior and Bee....When the "Remaining Time Left" clock ends at "00:00:00:00" that means your search is over!
ONCE you know the difference, you should ONLY start searching for JUNIOR or BEE when you see "REMAINING TIME LEFT" this is when you look at top and bottom of the webpages (all 7 tabs)!

After you click the " Junior " you will come to this page where you are required to answer a question. I don't know how was it to be clicking on "bee". So the Q&A, they are multiple choices and you can try your luck to get the answer or you better find out the RIGHT answer ASAP. I don't think there is a time limit to answer this question ( of course I didn't wait for 1 hour later only answer it ) so I suggest you to answer it as soon as possible lah...haha

Then I had answered the question correctly and it will appear.
I have to warn you the heart will be pumping very fast when you answering the questions because you have been eager to win those passes! So calm yourself and think properly, okay? Good!!

An email will be sent to you. It will look like this. Click on the verification link and you will be directed!

This is where you key in your personal details!
WARNING: DO NOT MAKE ANY MISTAKE ON THIS PAGE! Contestants with false or invalid personal particulars will be DISQUALIFIED!

And the end, they will send you the passes on July 26, 2010 and pray to God that the passes don't lost in transit!

Most of all, GOOD LUCK to you!

The term and conditions are very important, so please take some time to read it especially the following, while waiting for the countdown!

One (1) entry per person during the Contest Period. Multiple entries will be void and the entrant disqualified. Only entries from individuals will be accepted. Any entry that MTV believes has been made (a) via participation in a syndicate or (b) via any form of machine assisted intervention enabling computer generated multiple entries, will be disqualified. MTV reserves the right to discount multiple entries from the same IP address.

Feel free to ask any questions, I'll do my best to answer.

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Q I L A said...

hey, thanx for the information. it's really really useful for me. but, so far i still do not get the ticket. arh! it's so hard to find the junior and the bee. by the way, what will happen if we didnt click refresh? and what kind of web browser that u use?

Anonymous said...

i sell my passes very cheap because i cant go to the concert on that day due to personal reason.. contact 0196493697

Jeaniette said...

What do you mean by all 7 tabs?

Anonymous said...

there wil be how many junior n bee appear? which 1 do we need to press? they wil giv us a signal when they appeared? or just randomly appear?

Missa said...

Thanks for the useful tips. One question, will the junior and bee will appear immediately at the top/bottom of the side once you refreshed the page?

Or you need to wait till it pop up?