09 January 2011

Facebook Shut Down = FAKE

That means it is hoax! Common sense, as you can see on the article stating 15th March but without stating on the YEAR! Which year of the March 15th will Facebook shut down? No one ever thought about this disclosure??? Now the hoax has been spread like a swine flu coming from China to the rest of the world!

The article seems like a professional piece of work, yeah it is a real piece of work to play a prank on everyone in the Facebook... But check the fact please everyone!!

2nd of all, if you just Google it there is no news about Mark Zuckerberg making such statement!!

3rd, even in the movie Social Network that we had seen the determination of Mark Zuckerberg to improve the social website regardless being sued by so many people!! Facebook is huge, so if any legit news come out I believe the Fox News will announce it :D

Once again there is no "YEAR" stated in the article! And the weeklyworldnews released a new artcile about Kim Kardashian's butt exploded!
Enjoy your weekend without worrying the Facebook shut down :D

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