08 January 2011

Top 5 Work-At-Home Scams

Top 5 Work-At-Home Scams

This is a new year 2011, with a lot of financial crisis hitting us and everyone will try to find side-income to get them through the financial crisis. However, we should be aware of the scams so we won't be the next victim. Here's the top 5 lists:

1. "This Really Works!" You receive this as a chain letter, then send the email you received along with amount of money to the top names on the list, and now you can add your name to the bottom of the list to start receiving money too. With the calculation you’re guaranteed to be a millionaire, say the scammers. However the only problems: The money never comes and chain letters like these will go on because YOU FORWARDED!

2. "Financial Freedom Working at Home!" This is trying to pull you into a pyramid-type business where you pay upfront fees for an "opportunity". And that opportunity turns out to be selling the same "opportunity" to others. Usually the scammer will need you to copy-paste the article on websites or forward email to your friends so you will "sell" others to join in too and just doing the same will get you all become millionaire too.

3. "Typing at Home". This is so common and so old. You pay to get “more information,” which is a sheet of paper that tells you how to make copies of it and then place home typist ads selling the same information to other suckers. You might see these ads on websites, as pop-up ads or in the back of tabloid publications. This is better than the 2nd top list, as they have a requirement which needed you to type in not fewer than 100 words in your ads before you post so the ads will look more "genuine" enough to get people on board to be the next victim. Again the money never gonna goes into your account and another victims will fall for it.

4. "Email Processing". When you get this scam in your inbox, you’ll find out that it costs about $50 to become a “highly paid” email processor from home. What you get for that startup fee are instructions on how to spam others with the same ridiculous idea. Another tip here: These kinds of offers often say you’re going to get $25 for each processed email. Does that make sense to you?

5. "Make money from your spare time" There are scammers ask you to view ads to get paid, but the minimum payout is $25 and every ads you viewed is just $0.01. Furthermore, before your balance reach $25, the company already shut down their business and run away with your efforts. Of course they will "encourage" you to pay up a certain amount to get referrals because that's how they get the money to pay out certain top users and get them spread the news of how legitimate they are....And YOU'RE HOOKED!

Please beware of such scams. Do your research before joining them, there's always a new trick in the corner.

Source : Womans Day

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