26 March 2008

Malaysia Debit Cards comparisons!

There are many Debit Cards offered by our own Local bank, I will just take the most common and new debit card used. Public Bank, Maybank and Affin Bank. After you read this post, be aware that you will be making the decision with your own discretion about which debit card bares the lowest cost and have a lot of benefits offered around Malaysia.

Many bloggers had applied for Public bank debit card, I must say even myself had applied one because at that time I only knew that was the only bank that enable for me to accept Paypal money but now, there are more than 1 bank offers and as far as I know, right now Maybank offers the best economic cost and much less hassle than others. Because the methods we know are those until now there are alternative paypal withdrawals, now we can make comparison for getting cheapest debit card annual fee to verify Paypal and commence our Paypal withdrawal.

It is so much faster than Public bank debit card. And I believe it is so much better than the so-called "HARD-BALLS METHODS"( Bloggers named it that way @_@" ) which is my last year post....But now you do not need that anymore.

If you still support Public Bank debit card, then you could refer to this post "how to apply PB debit card and verify you Paypal".

That is what the Paypal had stated when you tried to add debit cards.

Now let me show you a few(about 2 or 3) differences between Affin debit card, Public Bank debit card, and Maybank Debit card.

1. Affin bank debit card application has requirements, and one of them is that they require the new customers to have the following amount of money before you are eligible of course it is different than Existing customers ...

2. Before you apply for this, you need to know these charges. This is the most important part of all the differences right? As you can see the annual fee is RM 20, and the balance INQUIRY cost you RM 1!!

3. Affin bank debit card is with MASTERCARD...
**( Unable to do WITHDRAWAL from Paypal account)

For more details please refer to the main page of Affin bank Debit Card
Source : Affin Bank Debit Card (Mastercard Logo)

1. Maybank debit card gives you less hassle, because "No income requirement for application, no finance and late charges or annual fees". Don;t believe me?! Please refer to Maybank then =P

2. A lot of fees are waived compared with Affin and Public Bank. "No more annual fees, monthly interest rates or late charges to worry about with the Maybankard Visa Debit" refer to

3. Maybank offers a VERY fast because you can get the Maybank Debit Card on the spot!

4. Maybank debit card is with VISA....
**( unfortunately, this debit card could not be used to verify PayPal because it could not be added into the Paypal.)

For more details please refer to the main page of Maybank Debit Card
Source : Maybank Debit Card

A lot of bloggers knew about Public bank debit card so I guess I just skip the screenshots =)

1. Public Bank debit card requires you to deposit minimum amount of cash RM 25 into the debit card account after you received the letter of approval. Only then you are able to receive the approval letter( minimum 7 working days ). After you received the approval letter, you should know that you need to deposit the RM 25, minimum amount into the Debit Card account. The minimum amount MUST maintained at all time!

2. First year annual fee is waived. Default annual fee will be RM 24. You can still have the Fee FREE only if you fulfill the minimum Retail spending, that is RM 1201 and above.

3. You can receive the debit card after 1 week upon your deposit to your PBB Debit Card account ( approximately 12 working days provided you paid the minimum deposit amount )

4. Enjoy Cash MegaBonus of 0.5%, there is no minimum qualifying level of maximum spending limits. PB debit card is with VISA.

5. You can use this debit card to verify your Paypal account and start accepts payments PLUS you can do WITHDRAWAL too. Good Luck

For more details please refer to the main page of Public Bank debit card
Source : Public Bank debit card

So you have to think whether these are the right debit card for you to verify and afterward make a Paypal withdrawal, you don't want to keep on changing debit card and request Paypal verification and get charged for it right? So you better choose the right debit card and make paypal withdrawal.
Disclaimer :
Please use the info wisely, and I do not held any responsibility for any losses you will encounter or had encountered....
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Anonymous said...

Hi,Sheng Loong here!

I applied for a Public Bank Debit Card last month and I have not collected my card. I will collect it tomorrow, I guess. I did not know I can actually obtain the Maybank card on the spot if not I would apply for it instead of the Public Bank one.

Thanks for your valuable information. Regard.

SamSeiko said...

Thanks for dropping by Sheng Loong.

Well you had to wait for so long just to get your hand on the debit card, tough luck. If only you knew about the Maybank debit card then you will be able to save a lot of time and cost.

Blame myself for not making this post earlier =|

Anonymous said...

You are welcome,elitevillain.

Anyway I called the Public Bank and they informed me that my card is ready for collection. So most probably I will collect it tomorrow. It is so troublesome for Malaysians since we cannot wire transfer paypal money to bank account.

Anonymous said...

By the way, I have got my Debit Card from Public Bank today!

I am so glad and excited as I can finally use a paypal account.


curryegg said...

Thank for this info... and Maybank really can work with paypal? wow... great!!!

Anonymous said...

nope.. maybank can't be used for any internet transaction especially PayPal.

What a bummer.. :(

Anonymous said...

By the way, I forgot to put in there, Maybank debit card is NOT work for PayPal. So far, only Public Bank and Al-Rajhi Bank are working.

Read my other review on what others cards work for PayPal. For more info, click on my link above.

Steven Wong

SamSeiko said...

@anonymous thanks for the info, I guess so far only PB works....

@Steven Good to see you here for confirming it once again....So far a lot of comments agreeing that Maybank Debit Card could not be used for verifying Paypal.

Although paypal did state that debit cards can be accepted IF they have a Visa or Mastercard Logo....

Anonymous said...

Not true as you said on visa and master card. Read my replied comments on my blog for my reply answer.

SamSeiko said...

You said that there is a different between linking your account (for purchases) and withdrawal.... Linking account allows Visa and Master Cards, but withdrawal only restrict to Visa brand debit or credit cards....
Hmm then the statement which is at the "add a card" page do meant like what you had said...
Oh well I guess there is always a catch that we all will miss....Anyway thanks for the info...I will continue to search for more info about this..

Stormy said...

Hey Malaysian,
To make it easy for your Paypal verification just apply annual fee RM9.99 only fast and with out much problem, see my attached transition with PayPal. Have nice day and good luck.
contact me for more info.

Anonymous said...

i sent my application form to apply this card by pos laju on february, but until now i still havent receive any letter from it because my apllication hasnt reach them or they work too slow??? because i really need the card to verify paypal, maybankard visa debit card cannot verify paypal...i wonder why...

SamSeiko said...

Did you mean you sent to Public bank or other bank?

Anonymous said...

(amend) i sent my application form to public bank kl to apply this PBB Debit card by pos laju on february, but until now i still havent receive any letter from it because my apllication hasnt reach them or they work too slow??? because i really need the card to verify paypal, maybankard visa debit card cannot verify paypal...i wonder why...

SamSeiko said...

Did you get any letter from PBB regarding your card issue? Because usually they will send you a letter about your card is being process; the approval did you have it?

Maybank debit card could not be used to verify PayPal, no one knows what is the reason behind it but my guess is that Maybank is not worldwide like Public Bank =|

Anonymous said...

wow.i nvr knew blogs can be diz helpful.thanx guys.i'll probably apply for PB debit card anytime now.thanx again

SamSeiko said...

@Syairul : ^^ well now you know, so don't forget about bloggers can help too....hope you get your PB debit card soon =) if you have any problem just tell me i will be here to help you

Anonymous said...

I had my PB debit card loaded after 5 transaction days (withdrawing from paypal). Unfortunately limited to USD500 per day and USD5 per withdrawal. Paypal has thier debit card too (premium or business account only), would this card provide better convenience for withdrawing $$$? :)

SamSeiko said...

@darren: I don't think there is a difference in withdrawal limit(USD 500 per day) even you are using PayPal Debit Card =)

buTTerFLowEr said...

heard about pb being able to verify paypal but the annual fee is high so i used tune card instead :P

was thinking of getting pb for my bf but it takes a couple of weeks to arrive so i quit that thought (his break is only 2 weeks. can't settle everything on time *sigh*)

read somewhere al-rajhi gives card on the spot. pretty cool. but i dunno where is the nearest branch and no details on the card in the website

i was abt to get my bf a maybank debit (i prefer visa anytime) but knowing that maybank can't be used to verify paypal. another dumb card like bsn matrix? hopefully not. luckily my bf don't use paypal. hehe...

eon mol also can't be used to verify paypal (mastercard)

ambank nex-g prepaid also use mastercard

lankapo said...

hi everybody,

until now maybank debit card still cannot use for internet transaction.Eventhough hey promised to be ready last July.

anyway, tune card still do the job for me.

read more at my blog to know more

Unknown said...

..and the officers at Maybank dare to confirm with me that the new Maybank Debit Card can be used for PayPal...i guess these people are not really sure of what they are talikng about,do they?Are are they just plain ignorant or simply wants to collect the RM12 charge for replacing your existing ATM card...i applied my PB Bank card today....hopefully it will be useful for me online..especially PayPal.How about Tune Money Debit crd?Will it work on PayPal?

mimie abdullah

SamSeiko said...

Hi musan,

Yes I have heard bloggers used Tune Money to verify the Paypal but I cannot assure you that because I myself did not try it. Tune Money is way more cheaper, i believe it is the cheapest among the debit cards.

Anonymous said...

Yes , i think i will get the Public Bank debit card. I currently having problems wth adding my StandardChartered Malaysia's debit card. ..i kept getting the message 'pls contact card issuer bank' from pay pal. but whenever i called StandardChartered Malaysia, they kept saying that my card is fine and there were sufficient funds. However, they can't see the failed transaction online.
One day, i tried again during the weekend which happened that the Stanchart card fraud department Malaysia is rerouted to Singapore call centre. So standchart Singapore DID see my failed transaction and told me to call the malaysia standchart for further verification.
The funny thing thing is, when i called the Standchart Malaysia call centre immediately after that, they told me 'we dont see any failed transaction'(again!!)
This time i told them off and said pls check wth Singapore branch as i was told the other wise; and hung up.
Then 5 minutes later, StandChart Malaysia called me back and appologise stating to me that StandChart Malaysia CANNOT see the failed transaction via online purchases unlike the processing system that Standchart Singapore has. YES! at last they admitted that all this while they have NO system to be able to view my failed online transactions! And i thought all StandChart branches are the same globally!- i sure was wrong!

SamSeiko said...

Thanks for the info. Well I do not have StandardCharted Bank debit/credit card, your comment really helps the other Paypal users.

Ilyas said...

you guys have been a big help. now i knew and made up my mind on which debit card should i apply =)

SamSeiko said...

well it's glad to hear that it helps other bloggers. That's what it counts!

Vivien said...

hi, for public bank, you mean spend "RM 1201 and above" is per annum? then the annual fee be waived?

SamSeiko said...

Yes...logically speaking =)
Because it's annual fee so if you spent RM 1200 and above you can enjoy the annual fee waived!
Hope this clear your doubts =D

Anonymous said...

in maybank they said we can use debit for paypal can anyone confirm this ?


SamSeiko said...

Can I use Paypal to pay for my Maybankard Visa Debit online purchases?
- Yes you can.

But it never state YOU CAN WITHDRAW MONEY FROM PAYPAL.... No harm trying if you wish =)

Anonymous said...

Beware people intending to use the Maybank Cherry Debit Card as their main card:

There is a hidden 10 transaction limit/day since my card was declined while I was doing some online shopping today. One transaction, card worked, the next, declined.

Calling Maybank's customer service was just 5 minutes of verifications then another 5 minutes of them 'checking' and they came back to tell me there is a 10 transaction limit to your account. So beware if you intend to use this as your main card and go shopping (and avoid the embarrassment if your card gets declined at the counter) or even buy stuff online.

Oh, and for stuff that does pre-authorization, that's considered as one, then if they refund, another, and the real charge, a third transaction.

I've searched through Maybank2u and can't find this referenced anywhere at all, with the only 'purchasing limit' mentioned being your set amount that can be spent for a day.

See #13 on and tell me where is the 10 transaction limit?