07 January 2007

Internet Speed SLOWER!!

Really pisses me off as the speed is getting more worst than the day before ! What about the news about the internet had been fixed in the newspaper?! The submarine cable has yet been fixed?? Please ENLIGHTEN me!!

Did they lie? So our Telecom is not fully operate?! Oh Comon!! It's been 2 weeks now....There are many who are using internet and can't play games, can't blog, and some can't even PM!! This is really a big issue now as some of my cousins from oversea calling us, and it can't be reached! Eventhough it is reached, we can't hear what they talk!!

That is really WASTING their money!! Really make me DISSAPOINTED, we didn't get the service that we are suppose to get.

Really hope you (Telecom) can fix it as soon as possible, I do not want to lose my "VISITORS". =P

Enjoy the rest of the day guys, hope for a better tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Well, I heard it's gona take weeks to fully recover from the slow connection.. nevermind la, spend less on the Internet is a good thing wut :)

Elite@Villian said...

Huh?! I dun think so its i paid for the service and I DEMAND for the service which we all had paid for!!

~.~ dun wan to wait anymore....not much can do without more downloading movies....all HARD!!

Hav a nice day butt, thx for dropping by ^^ and please accept the invitation.

Anonymous said...

I wana accept the invitation but they don't let! :( :(

They ask me to log in my username, then since I changed to new blogger I had to use my new blogger username lo. And then, nothing happens! grrr..