21 February 2007

It is nice!

You know what is nice?! I won a few bucks in gambling yesterday!! =P hehehe

How can I say it? My luck was there... Although there was another one who won more than me, and every money I had, he already took 5% of it, but in total I won...Do not worry I won't tell you all what is the amount I won as someone will tend to ask me to treat. lalalalala

It was fun, this happen on the 2nd and 3rd of the Chinese New Year, and the Ang Pow I get was not many, but I bet today onwards it will increase! Oops I said bet again, sorry got addicted to gambling =D hahahaha

How about you all? It is as fun as mine? Oh ya, I went on a trip to Pulau Ketam on the 3rd of Chinese New Year, it was fun I guess, especially the bot ride! I will try to post the pictures, as I took some using my handphone -.- not very clear or rather SMALL....

See ya then, hope you guys enjoy as much as i do!



coco_panda said...


btw, thanks for your time. I really appreciate what you did. I'll think about it and hope i made the right decision. Thanx!

Elite@Villian said...

yeah i do give consultant, although without any qualification but it is trustable :P ask the people that had consulted me hahaha