30 March 2008

Bye Bye 1sen

Yes say bye bye to 1sen coins, the deadline is finally here, although there are some outlets still accepting it and did not follow the rounding mechanism (new adjusting system only applicable to total amount). So people get your butt up and start sending your 1 sen coins to bank! Because the Bank Negara wishes to reduce the demand for the 1 sen coins.

So our secondary mathematic do pay off huh? Because now we are applying the rounding mechanism in our daily life! lolz

The rounding mechanism applicable to the total amount of a bill, included tax, which ends in 1,and 2sen will be rounded down same goes for 6 and 7 sen will be rounded down to the 5 sen. Whereas the total bill which ends in 3, 4, 8 and 9 sen will be rounded up example
RM 2.11 and RM 2.12 will be rounded down RM 2.10
RM 2.13 and RM 2.14 will be rounded up to RM 2.15
RM 2.16 and RM 2.17 will be rounded down to RM 2.15
RM 2.18 and RM 2.19 will be rounded up to RM 2.20

Remember this or you will end up embarrass yourself haha


day-dreamer said...

So... if my bill is RM2.14 and it rounds up to RM2.15, can I pay using two RM1 notes, one 10sen coin and five 1sen coin? :P

nefesco said...

Oh well, guess debit/credit cards are easier... lazy me :P

Anonymous said...

I have a problem during register my paypal acount..
paypal give my acount status in U.S..
how can I change it to malaysia status...
there also problem when paypal want "ROUTING NUMBER"..
how can i get it ?
Pleazzz help me...

EliteVillain said...

Well if I were you I will start writing an email from the Contact Us telling them there is a mistake at the Status and request them to change back to Malaysia instead of USA.

About the routing number, sorry I had no idea...I'll try to get info about that.