03 October 2008

How did I spent my Raya Holidays?

1st raya holiday, in the morning 12.10am I can see my neighbourhood filled with fireworks. Everywhere you can hear residents shouting and light up their firecrackers. I did not want to join in probably I do not fit into....

Although having firecrackers are illegal but they could not stop the Malaysians from playing it because it has been in our culture for so long. So After I slept and woke up at 9am I can really hear raya songs very loud eventhough I've closed my door.

Thus I took my bath and joined my mom went out to visit some of our neighbours who are Malays. They had their front door wide open all the time(my neighbours closed the door at 8pm), just same like us Chinese celebrating our Chinese New Year.

Hehe a bit embarrass to tell you that I just went to their houses to have their "Rendang" (beef or lamb) and "Ketupat"!!! Of course we brought some back so we could have it during our dinner :P that was what I did because my neighbours asked me to "da bao" ok? Not because I eat so much =P

So tell me how did you spent yours? Leave me your post hereeee....^^ thanks
Selamat Hari Raya!!!

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Johnny Ong said...

this is the time where u get to eat the best malay cuisines

Anonymous said...

Waw.. Some more tapao balik arrr..

But anyways, my house also have a lot of ketupat, rendang and those kuih raya.. Gaven by my neighbors. I ate till i'm gonna vomit soon...

coco_panda said...

muahahaha...u have a very nice 5 days holiday and hv a nice 3 days trips with my buddies.

Jeles? Don't be. :P