01 November 2008

Great I was SACKED!!

Unbelievable....For the first time I was sacked from a job I do....Although this will not be in my working record but at least it will be in my HEAD! I was sacked as a flyer boy, which I had just worked for 3 days! Can you believe it? For the first time I was sacked in 3 days...Really broke my own record....

To be honest this part time I was sacked because the agent accused his own client filed a complain upon me and my friends. But this is not true, you know why it is not? Because the client is happy with our performance and the client told us that the sales had increased thanks to us( I presume she meant the flyers promotion works ). What I had received was that agent SMS stating that our services are no longer needed due to client complained (lazy, and not serious) about our services.

When the agent called to settle some matter I took the chance to ask him about why were we sacked, and he said it was him who wants us to be sacked(which is fair enough). He said we were not PROFESSIONAL and not aggressive! So I asked him to tell me what does he mean by "professional"...Giving flyers also can be done professionally? I thought only smile(maybe shout too) and answer what customers questions.

So ridiculous, but it was ok for me. BUT the real issue is that WHERE IS MY SALARY!!! He said SOON but how soon is soon? You had sacked me and I had not received my salary yet, is this a scam?

His nickname is Scott, the worst agent ever, who is currently persuing advanced diploma in PR at Tunku Abdul Rahman College. I hope you guys will be aware of this guy who called Scott.
His handphone number is 012-3021502.

Just beware of this guy. In case you need his picture I can provide too....Just leave me your email I will send it to you =)

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day-dreamer said...

So sorry to hear that. Hope things get sorted out soon.

EliteVillain said...

@DD: hope so...but just beware of this fella. -_-scammer...