07 February 2009

Culture Evolution

Yeah that's what I thought when I saw the news just an hour ago. Our country is going through culture evolution and it's been influenced by the Euro. Why I say so? If you see the news about the riot in Perak you will see there are a large amount of polices and fireman arrived to stop the riot.

Some men lay on the middle of the road blocking the cars who's passenger is Raja Muda of Perak Raja Dr Nazrin Shah and others threw STICKS at cars. I believe all these acts came from oversea culture. Even Dr M said this is "Derhaka" and not our kind of culture in Malaysia! Maybe after this there will be some other riot like cut down trees to block the road? Just like the Robin Hood.

Maybe I was wrong? But this is sure a change in our culture....Now they don't scold people using mouth or protesting only, they use brutal way by throwing stuffs!!

What's more ntv7 crew just busted a club where strippers are "working" wearing nothing but bra and undies! Kinda irony because when my cousin from Canada came to Malaysia asking me about one of the club whether it is a stripper club. Well I told him it does looks like it from the outside but the inside, no strippers. We all know strippers earn a lot of money from tips but this "job" was not introduced in our country.

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Johnny Ong said...

malaysia is going through growth in politics now. we are seeing things / events/ acts not done b4

EliteVillain said...

Sigh...and its a very drastic growth during the economic downturn...