01 February 2009

NTV 7 - Tiffany 12 Chinese Zodiac Forecast for 2009

I search over the internet and finally I found the forecast of 2009 by Tiffany regarding the 12 Chinese Zodiac. NTV7 did broadcast it into 2 parts, I am surely missed the 1st part but not the 2nd part. Even I didn't miss the 2nd part, my Rabbit forecast was passed ~_~

So I made the effort to search over the net trying to get a hold of the forecast for Rabbit by Tiffany. My effort pays off. These 2 pictures are the one she talked about and it is exactly the same as in the NTV7! For those who missed the both parts don't worry because it is right here in my blog now ^_^

This first picture consist of 6 Chinese Zodiacs forecast for year 2009! Featuring RAT, OX, DRAGON, SNAKE, MONKEY and ROOSTER!

The 2nd picture consist of another 6 Chinese Zodiacs! Featuring TIGER, RABBIT, HORSE, SHEEP, DOG, and PIG

I able to found a video in youtube recorded the 2nd part of zodiac forecast live by Tiffany. The quality I must say is very good, but unfortunately no one has the 1st part of the live forecast....Anyway it is better than both parts also cannot have the chance to watch right? :D

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