20 June 2009

Edison Chen Boutique in Bangsar!

Yeah he is opening his boutique in Bangsar! It's called "Juice" which will be opened on 20th June 2009 (address : No. 46 & 46-1, Jalan Telawi 5, Bangsar Baru Kuala Lumpur.)

Everyone is very much aware and still fresh about his sex scandal during the time before he left the Hong Kong movie industry. I believe Edison is making a very smart move by starting up his business in Malaysia as our country is still growing and still have a lot of opportunities for late comers....

And also because Malaysian is very kind and always give warm welcome to foreigners. For example me, I don't mind his scandal and all I care is whether his fashion shop will be providing good trend of clothes at cheap price or not :D

As to why his shop called Juice, that we should listen to what he gonna say during the press which gonna held soon.

Would you go visit and purchase some clothes at Juice???

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--**mamakmeegoreng**-- said...

His product are damn expensive.

EliteVillain said... sure know the trend and price of boutiques...

DarKScoRpioN said...

unbelievable. Edison Chen does it again. Cammie has admitted. Read more about it here.