27 July 2010

Spring Cleaning 2010

Today our firm conducted a Spring Cleaning event, it basically means cleaning your new desk. The top managements would come around the department and order you (employees) to start cleaning, clean every spot! The management would do a spot check in between the cleaning just so to make sure you clean every corner.

Walaoooo we had to clean out a lot of waste papers, some of the documents were stayed there for months covered with dusts! What's more to be found is the old audit files under your desk, I don't understand why they want to keep these files (back to 2003) under the desk, maybe they want these files to turn into gold??

Some incident much more funnier was that there was a trainee stuck in the filing room just to help all seniors transfer old audit files, and he was very pissed off, literally was crying and stomping his leg when I asked him to put in 2 more into his list. LOL so I told him, "it's okay, I'll do it myself, you just leave it there." Well he did leave it there and end up I was the one who continue to finish off his work =) I symphatize him because the senior did not concern about his feeling and kept on instructing him!

The cleaning starts from 4pm and it lasted for an hour. After the cleaning there were meals and drinks being served, and I saw the big boss went around and thank the staffs too... These as sign of appreciation from management and our big boss. A better and natural body language of appreciation should be shown towards the staffs, so they would perceived genuine. What's more appreciation being shown by our big boss was that he ordered McDonald as dinner! A lot of appreciations being shown alright....Anyhow it is a great and memorable day.

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