26 December 2010

What a Great X'Mas =)

To celebrate Christmas with family is a great way!! It's cute when you're at my brother's age (age 6) doing all the silly faces, try doing it when you're 23!! Well I'm not that daring...

Of course, in Xmas we can't left out the presents right? So I brought him to Toy Stores! The first thing he saw was these toy cars, you know kids right? Regardless of how many toy cars in the house, they still want more and more! Well that's what I seen from the other kids begging their parents to buy while my brother wants the BIGGEST vehicle from the shelf....The Big Green Lorry.....

In the end he did not get the Big Green Lorry, instead he gotten himself a giant present :P


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1 comment:

chew peng said...

then finally wat's present u brought for him? nothing? :P