20 August 2010

French Kiss in Variety Languages

A french kiss, pull, "score" ,"meet" or snog is a kiss, usually romantic or sexual in nature, in which one participant's tongue touches the other's tongue and usually enters into his or her mouth.

Tongue kissing stimulates the lips, tongue, mouth and other sexually aroused areas, which are all areas very sensitive to touch, and the practice is considered to be pleasurable, highly intimate, and sexually arousing. Unlike other forms of kissing (such as brief kisses in greeting or friendship).

You wanna know the steps to do FRENCH KISS? Well that you gonna wait me to come back from Singapore this weekend! I will post up the steps in the next post soon!! Be PATIENT! THANK YOU!

In Australia and New Zealand it is most commonly known as "pashing" or "lashing". This term is expected to have originated from the word 'passion', so as to kiss passionately, is to "pash". Teenagers have now become accustomed to the phrase "hook up" for a French kiss, it comes from 'hooking up' and means to 'get together'.

In Austria, a French kiss more commonly refers to oral sex in the form of fellatio.

In French, it is simply embrasser avec la langue (literally to kiss with tongue). Nevertheless, in popular language this is referred as rouler une pelle (to roll the spade).

In Germany, Austria and German-speaking parts of Switzerland, it is called "Zungenkuss" (tongue kiss).

In England it is called "snogging" "Getting off with" "Necking" and "pulling", as well as many local dialects.

In Scotland it is called "Getting with" "Snogging" or "Pulling".

In Philippines it is called "laplapan" or just simply "French kiss" (besong Pranses).

In China it is called shiwen (湿吻, literally "wet kiss").

In Singapore it is referred as "La Ji".

In Malaysia it is called "cemolot" which is an abbreviated from two Malay words "cium" (kiss) & "mulut" (mouth).


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