30 August 2010

Steps to do French Kiss

French kiss is a very intimate and passionate kiss, so you might need to know some basic before you perform it. In order to master it you need to do practise =D reading won't get you far but it will help you prior to French Kiss. Read it so you can avoid the common mistakes!

Here are the steps:-

1) Move your face closer to hers

Move slowly towards her face, while looking deep at her eyes, do not STARE or going in too fast to her so you won't freak her out and ruin your french kiss plan. If she did not avoid you then you can proceed to next step.

2) Make sure your lips are moisture

No one wants to kiss on dry lips! You can either apply on lip balm or moisten the lips with your tongue, especially during French Kiss and other kisses except face kissing.

3) Close your eyes

When you are close enough with her face, close your eyes before you start French Kissing. Never do French Kissing with eyes open, it creates awkwardness.

4) Try to slide a bit

After your lips meet with her's when you're doing French Kiss, try slide the tip of your tongue into her mouth. This will tell her that you want to do French Kissing, if she do the same, you can slide a bit more of your tongue in if she doesn't freak out....Don’t open your mouth too wide!

5) Do some findings

Do not put your tongue all at once into her mouth, some may like it but it is best to do it slowly. Do it like you are licking an ice-cream. Then try pressing your tongue on her's but never do tongue wrestling, that's a mistake! Never suck on her tongue too hard! You should swirl your tongue along and around her's.

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Anonymous said...

Haha..can you research for other country like japanese kiss..china kiss.or probably malaysian kiss? might be useful..

SamSeiko said...

LOL Which citizenship are you?